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Components Purchasing

  • How To Avoid Counterfeits Components


    The best way to avoid counterfeits is to purchase parts from distributors who are authorized by the manufacturer to sell their product. Authorized distributors are those that get their parts directly from the manufacturer, thus eliminating the possibility of counterfeits entering their stock.

    One common practice of these distributors is that they keep returns separated from known good stock to avoid the possibility that returns have been switched for authentic parts.

    Members of ECIA (Electronic Component Industry Association) are screened to be authorized distributors, but please note that for a distributor to be considered an “authorized distributor” by the ECIA, they only have to have more than 50% of their revenues coming from the sale of components from their authorized lines, so it’s possible for an “authorized distributor” to sell non-authorized product, as long as it’s not from a manufacturer on their authorized linecard. Please make sure that the distributors you buy from are actually authorized by the manufacturer for the components you buy.

    Here at, we're an authorized distributor from many of the manufacturer we carry, so rest assure that the parts you get from us are authentic!