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Dallas Semiconductor

Dallas Semiconductor Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Maxim Integrated Products, designs, manufactures, and markets a broad line of mixed-signal, specialty semiconductors. Dallas Semiconductor has developed over 400 base products and over 2,000 variations, which have been shipped to more than 15,000 customers worldwide. Dallas Semiconductor manufactures CMOS chips on 6-inch wafers with geometries down to 0.35 microns. Scheduled for completion in 2002, the Company is converting its current 6-inch fab to an 8-inch fab. A separate bump fabrication facility has been operating since 1999 to package our chips in chip-scale packages.

Dallas Semiconductor Featured Products

  1. Dallas DS12C887+

    Dallas DS12C887+

    1+ $9.51

  2. Dallas DS1216D

    Dallas DS1216D

    1+ $19.81